The York School

York School - 1899 to 1907

School was five days a week and only twice was it noted that there was no school because of weather, once because of a rainy day and one year on November 11 there was a blizzard.

They did close the school to observe some holidays. They usually closed two days for Thanksgiving, but in the fourth week of November and once on December 1st and 2nd. Christmas and New Years was the end of term break, and a week to ten days was observed. Christmas, 1899 was a holiday for only one day, and there was no school on January 15, 1900 because "the stove pipe fell."

During the first school session there was no school on May 30th for "Decoration Day." Another time, September 19, 1901 was "Memorial Day."

The school was also closed for the "County Fair at Blackfoot" October 10, 1902, October 2, 1903 and September 22, 1905. There was also no school on April 14, 1903 because the corner was laid at the sugar factory.

Miss York noted that the Meppen children were gone from November, 1904 to February, 1905. The family went to Iowa for a visit.

General studies were arithmetic, grammar, geography, reading, spelling, writing, Physiology, and history. All of these records are handwritten in beautiful script.

In June, 1903, the School Board first discussed moving the school. In January, 1906, the school house was sold for $200, and a bid of $1,445 from W.W. Keefer was accepted to build a new school. The Board met on June 4, 1906 in the new schoolhouse on the Squibb farm, one mile east of the old school. This is the present location of the school.

There were School Census Reports taken starting September, 1903 which listed the families and their nationalities as American, German, Swedish, Norwegian, etc. The parents' names in 1903 through 1906 were as follows:


The York School

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