Idaho Falls - City of Destiny


Local library collections pertaining to Idaho Falls history have been surveyed and partial lists of pertinent materials compiled by the Bonneville Museum archivist. These guides are available for use in the Museum's Reading and Reference room.

  1. Bonneville Museum, Bonneville Historical Society, Idaho
    Falls, Reading and Reference Room.
    Books -- cataloged
    Photo and manuscript files, archives -- cataloged
    Newspaper special editions
    Idaho Falls topical files -- alphabetical
    Selected list of favorite sources
    Idaho Falls, City of Destiny compiled and edited by Mary Jane Fritzen, 1991.
    Bibliographical aids -- Idaho Falls listings for:
    Idaho Falls Public Library, Idaho room
    Idaho Falls LDS Family History Library
    Bonneville Museum Reading/Reference room
    Ricks College David O. McKay Library
    Other Sources
    Snake River Echoes -- Indexed
    Idaho East
    Idaho Falls High School yearbooks, 1908 - present
    Histories and Scrapbooks
    Schools, Music Club, Post Office, Daughters of Utah
    Pioneers, other organizations and topics
    Published bibliographies
    Oral Histories
    Present archivist: Mary Jane Fritzen

  2. Idaho Falls Public Library
    City Directories, dated from about 1908, useful data Post Register (on microfilm)
    Idaho Falls Public Library
    Idaho Falls Symphony
    Other organizations
    General Early Western history and local history
    Idaho Files
    Idaho Falls files
    The following is a partial summary of holdings:
    Idaho Room. Material not available for checking out.
    Idaho Files, Idaho Falls files, Three locked bookcases, Books on shelves, other materials.
    Maps. See Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, 1911, 1921.
    Pamphlet File includes several pamphlets concerning I. F. Stacks, available for checkout.

    Printouts of catalogue: Idaho; summaries of card catalogue; a list of books and other pertinent items from the Idaho Room has been prepared, and is available for reference at the Museum.
    I. F. Public Library present librarian: Paul Holland. Idaho Room: Ginnie Atwood.

  3. Idaho Falls LDS Regional Family History Library
    All cemetery, mortuary, and obituary records for Idaho Falls area (indexed)
    Census and vital records, vast amount, many indexed.
    Local biographies and histories
    Church records
    County histories and Idaho histories
    Newspaper clippings
    Industrial histories
    Marriage and other vital records
    Local church histories
    Other records
    Excellent film readers and computers to use.
    We have printout of catalogue, Idaho Falls.
    Present librarian: Marge Stevens and volunteer staff Location as of spring, 1992: 750 W. Elva

  4. Local Government Collections
    Bonneville County Clerk, since 1911
    County Commission minutes, indexed
    Election records
    Other documents, transactions
    Idaho Falls City Clerk
    All city legal documents
    City Council minutes from 1895, indexed from 1960.
    Present City Clerk: Velma Chandler
    Present County Clerk: Ron Longmore

  5. Ricks College David O. McKay Library
    Post Register, microfilm from beginning; good film readers
    Western History
    including books, periodicals and special collections;
    extensive collections.
    Family History Library
    Catalog printout: Idaho Falls, available at Museum
    Librarians who have assisted us:
    Blaine Bake, Leland Hunsaker, Gale Reeser

  6. Post Register library for staff
    Picture files and clipping files (incomplete)
    Newspaper on microfilm, from 1880s
    Present librarian: Peggy MacIntosh

  7. Private Collections and Institutional Collections

  8. Idaho State University, other colleges and universities

  9. . Local School Libraries

  10. Historical Societies, especially counties and state

  11. Articles by Contributors to This Volume
Richard Adams Banks and Banking
Betty Anderson Dance
Jane Arnold Early Churches--First Christian
Van Ashton City of I.F.Electric Division
Doris Backstrom Bonneville Historical Society
Linden B. Bateman Potatoes
Donna Bowman Chesbros
Jerry M. Brady Post Register
Beverly Branson Celebrations--City
Dick Carr Greenbelt of Snake River
Carol Chazin Automobiles, Arts
Deanne R. Chick War Efforts by Red Cross
Ernest Craner I.F. Parks and Recreation
Joan Drexler Early Churches--Catholic
Virginia E. Doucette Early Churches--St. John Episcopal
Loretta Evans Teton Peaks Council, BSA
Harold Forbush LDS Hospital
Anny Fritzen Various Topics, Population
Mary Jane Fritzen Editor and Compiler,
Introductory materials and Appendices,
Early Churches--LDS, Amusements, Pioneer Day Celebration,
Early Music, City Hall, Centennial Celebrations
Parks and Recreation, Sportsmen's Association,
Livestock and livestock auction, Tourism
Dora Gale Schools
Artie Lee Gardner Public Works Department
Fea George Libraries
Delbert V. Groberg Idaho Falls LDS Church, Temple
Richard Hahn I.F. Fire Department
Lisa Hansen Bicentennial Celebrations
Harvey A.Hatch Early East Idaho Medical Practice
Faye Holm I.F. Police Department
Norma Jean Housley Telephone Service in Idaho Falls
Quincy Jensen Bridges
Bev Kemp Early Churches--Methodist
Reverend Jimmy R. Lebel Early Churches--First Christian
Etta Lee Sage Creek School
Margaret Lindsley Bonneville County Courthouse
Elaine Lingren Highland Park
Donald D. Lloyd Public Works--Water, Streets, Sanitation
Edith Haroldsen Lovell Canals and Irrigation
Renee Magee City Planning, Historical Buildings
Joe Marker Mayoral Highlights
Monte A. Mason Postal Service
Trudy McClure Greenbelt and Early Churches
George Orullian Pinecrest Golf Course
Ben Plastino INEL History
Post Register Articles on various topics
Roger Ralphs Civic Auditorium
R. Carl Reynolds Early Churches--Baptist
Carol Romer I.F. World War II Efforts
Hazel Rose Rogers Brothers Seed Company
Karen Sackett Aviation, INTERSEC
Richard T. St. Clair Lawyers and Judges
St. John's Lutheran Church Early Churches--Lutheran
Jean Schwieder Grain Producers
Dewayne Silvester Broadcasting in Idaho Falls
Merrell Smith Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Smith Daughters of Utah Pioneers--Monuments
Josephine Snell Schools; Early Churches--Presbyterian
T.H. Stickley American Legion, War Bonnet Roundup
Elizabeth Straka Child Development Center
Thornton Waite The Railroad in Idaho Falls
Barbara Watson Hotels
Miles Willard Idaho Falls Opera Theatre
W.G. Woffinden Sugar Industry in Eastern Idaho



Begin Here
Introductory Comments
Chap. 1 - Agriculture
Potatoes, grains, sugar beets, livestock, irrigation.
Chap. 2 - Business and Industry
Banking, Chamber of Commerce, Rogers Brothers Seed.
Chap. 3 - Amusements, Arts and Music
Amusements: dancing, circus, baseball, theaters, Heise Hot Springs, War Bonnet Roundup, parades. Arts: painting, drama, dance, music, symphony, opera theatre.
Chap. 4 - Communications
Newspapers, telephone, broadcast.
Chap. 5 - Celebrations
Centennials and Jubilees, Pioneer Day, Intersec.
Chap. 6 - Churches
Chap. 7 - City Government
Mayors, City Hall, Public Library; Departments of Electricity, Fire, Police, Building and Planning, Parks and Recreation, Public Works.
Chap. 8 - Courthouse and Federal Post Office
Chap. 9 - Historic Preservation Efforts
Bonneville County Historical Society, Idaho Falls Historic Preservation Commission (Historic buildings, places, homes), Daughters of Utah Pioneers.
Chap. 10 - Schools
Chap. 11 - Clubs/Fraternal Organizations
Lodges, Sportsmen's Association, American Legion and other Veterans Associations, Boy Scouts.
Chap. 12 - Transportation
Railroad, Automobiles, Aviation.
Chap. 13 - Medical Practice &Amp; Hospitals
Chap. 14 - Native Americans
Chap. 15 - Snake River
Bridges, Greenbelt, Temple.
Chap. 16 - Tourism and Hotels
Chap. 17 - Lawyers and Judges
Chap. 18 - War Efforts
Red Cross, World War I, World War II.
Chap. 19 - Population Growth
Chap. 20 - INEL
Appendix 1 - Bibliography Guide
Appendix 2 - Chronology