Our Spring 2014 Quiz Answers

Our Spring 2014 Quiz Answers
1. In 1911 Bonneville County was created by the State Legislature,
from an area previously in Bingham County.
2. Old Town Locations
3. The Bonneville Hotel.
4. The Osgood Canal (the water is pumped up 35 feet from the Snake River)
5. a. Lake Odell b. Tautphaus Lake c. City Lake, on the City Canal of Idaho Falls
6. a. in the Gray's Lake area
b. it ends at two points on the Snake River - in Freeman Park and near the LDS Temple
c. all over the valley during the irrigation season, as many canals are drawn from it
d. some from the original flow of the creek, moderated by a stop at Ririe Lake,
but greatly supplemented by Snake River water from the Eagle Rock and Anderson Canals
7. a flour mill
8. 1910, with 10,842 residents counted
9. the Taylor Bridge was first built in 1865 where the town of Eagle Rock would arise,
eventually to become Idaho Falls. The bridge washed out in 1866, but was rebuilt. In
1889 it was declared unfit for use and replaced by a succession of bridges ending with
our current Broadway Bridge.
10. 1. next door to Tautphaus' meat market on Eastern Ave. [also called Railroad Ave.]
2. the building now housing the "Celt Pub & Grill"
3. the "Odd Fellows Building" on Park Ave. at A St.

Here are some documents of interest:
VIDEO: Downtown Memories of Idaho Falls
Idaho falls - City of Destiny
Centennial Celebration Program [PDF]
The City Canal
The York School
County Census info: 1870-2006
Useful Resource Books
Read about the town of Eagle Rock, Tautphaus Park, and Charles Tautphaus - by E. P. Henry
A History of Tautphaus Park, the Tautphaus Family and those that followed - by Jim Bennett
Historic Bonneville Hotel - by Jim Bennett
Early Eagle Rock and Idaho Falls Maps
A History of Sportsman Park by Jim Bennett
Rose Hill Cemetery items of interest
Water to Dry Ground presentation
about our canal system

Heritage Achievement Awards:

Idaho Day Heritage Hero Awards:

Bonneville County Treasures List:
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